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DECmate II Hardware Specifications

The following information is largely taken from the DECmate II handbook, code EB-30192-18, 1984.

DECmate II System Unit
Processor Single board with custom 6120 CMOS (PDP-8) microprocessor
Word size 12 bits
Memory 64 Kwords; equivalent to 96 Kbytes
Instruction Set Extended PDP-8
Speed 8 MHz
Controllers Controllers for floppy diskettes, video display, printer, communications and keyboard are on the system board
Communications Port Single Line, asynchronous/synchronous byte and bit protocols
Full modem control
Meets EIA standards RS232-C and RS423-A
Programmable baud rates from 50 to 9600
Storage RX50 dual 5.25 in diskette drives 400 Kbytes each diskette
System Expansion Dedicated slots for up to three customer installable option boards
Hardware Options Second dual diskette drive (2 X 400 Kbytes)
10 Mbyte hard disk drive
RX01/RX02 8 in diskette drive interface
Z80 microprocessor with 64 Kbytes of memory
Graphics option
Colour Monitor
System unit stand for vertical mounting
Choice of LA50 Personal Printer, Letterprinter 100 or LQP02 Letter-Quality Printer
System Unit Size Height 6.5 in
Length 19 in
Width 14.3 in
Weight 30 lb
System Unit Option Floor stand for vertical mounting of system unit
Height 26 in
Length 12 in
Depth 17.5 in
Weight 15 lb

Order Numbers
PC278-A DECmate II System Unit
PCXXF-BA Optional floor stand for system unit

DECmate II Video Display
CRT Monochrome composite RS170-compatible. Available in black and white, green or amber
Format 24 lines x 80 or 132 characters, select able
Character 7 X 9 dot matrix, includes 2 dot descenders
Character attributes Bold, blink,underline and reverse video
Character type Normal or double height, double width
Screen Normal or reverse video
Scrolling Jump or smooth
Performance Full screen update in less than 0.1 second
Adjustable tilt +5 to -25 degrees
Dimensions Height 11.5 in
Width 13.75 in
Depth 12.25 in
Screen 12 in diagonal
Weight 14 lb

Order Numbers
VR201-A DECmate II Video display, white
VR201-B DECmate II Video display, green
VR201-C DECmate II Video display, amber

Dual Diskette Storage Subsystem
Capacity 409 Kbytes (formatted) per diskette, 818 Kbytes (formatted with two diskettes
Peak transfer rate 250,000 b/sec
Rotational Latency 100 ms (average)
Average access time 164 ms
Head positioning time 6 ms, track to track
Tracks per inch 96
Bits per inch 5576
Start time 0.25 sec
Rotational speed 300 rpm
Number of data platters 2
Number of heads per surface 1
Sectors per track 10
No of tracks per diskette 80
Power consumption 18 Watts
Subsystem size Height 3.3 in
Width 5.8 in
Depth 8.5 in
Subsystem weight 3.8 lb

Order Numbers
RX50-XA Second Dual Diskette Drive

10 Mbyte Hard Disk Storage Subsystem
Capacity 10 Mbytes (formatted)
Peak Transfer Rate 5 Mbytes/s
Rotational Latency 8.33 ms
Average Access Time 85 ms
Tracks per Inch 345
Bits per Inch 9074
Start Time 15 s
Rotational Speed 3600 rpm
Number of Data Platters 2
Number of Data Surfaces 4
Number of Heads per Surface 1
Sectors per Track 16
Number of Tracks 1224
Power Consumption 30 W, average
Dimensions Height 3.25 in
Width 5.75 in
Depth 8.5 in
Weight 4.50 lb

Order Number
RCD51-CA DECmate II 10 Mbyte Hard Disk Storage Subsystem, including Master Menu software and documentation

Z80 Option Board with CP/M Operating System

A user installable option board consisting of a Z80 microprocessor with its own 64Kbytes of memory and an interface to the DECmates's 6120 processor. The Option Board included the CP/M Version 2.2 operating system, single use license and documentation.

Graphics Option

This option gave the DECmate II the ability to perform as a graphics terminal. The Graphics Option provided resolution of 800 by 240 pixels and allowed output to be directed to a monochrome monitor, a colour monitor or both. It offered eight colours with two intensities each.

RX01/RX02 Interface

This was produced to provide compatibility with the DECmate I system, which used 8 inch diskettes.

Order Number
PC27X-BA RX01/RX02 Interface

DECmate II Documentation

Hardware Documentation
EK-DECM2-OM DECmate II Owners Manual
EK-DECM2-IN DECmate II Installation Guide
EK-DM2DM-RC DECmate II Documentation Map
EK-DECM2-PS DECmate II Pocket Service Guide
EK-DSM212-IN DECmate II RX01/RX02 Board Installation Guide
EK-DECM2-RM DECmate II Programmer's Reference Manual
EK-DM2CP-IN DECmate II CP/M Board Installation Guide
EK-DM2GO-IN DECmate II Graphics Option Board Installation Guide
EK-DM250-IN RX50 Disk/Drive Installation Guide
EK-DECRB-IN Floor Stand Installation Guide
EK-OLA50-UG Installing and Using the LA50 Printer
EK-LP100-UG Letterprinter 100 User's Guide
EK-LQP78-UG Letter Quality Printer User's Manual
AA-L662B-TK Installing and Using the LQP02 Printer
EK-ODF02-UG DF02 Asynchronous Modem Owner's Guide
EK-ODF03-UG DF03 Asynchronous Modem User's Guide
Software Documentation - Word Processing
AA-P647B-TV Getting Started
AA-N563B-TV Word Processing User's Guide, Volume 1
AA-N564B-TV Word Processing User's Guide, Volume 2
AA-N184B-TA Word Processing Using Communications
AA-N183A-TA Word Processing Using List Processing
AA-N185A-TA Word Processing Using Sort
AA-N186A-TA Word Processing Using Math
AA-N182A-TA Word Processing Quick Lookup Guide
AA-Z924B-TV System Manager's Guide to Easycom
AA-Y295A-TV Using DECspell
AA-J356b-TK DECmate Word Processing Technical Notebook
Software Documentation - COS-310
AA-D647C-TA COS-310 System Reference Manual
AA-D758C-TA COS-310 New User's Guide
AA-J215E-TA COS-310 Release Notes/Installation Guide
AA-J326B-TA DIBOL-8 Language Reference Manual
AV-D757C-TA COS-310 System Reference Card
Software Documentation - Master Menu (for Hard Disk Systems)
AA-AH12A-TV Master Menu User's Guide

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Source: DECmate II handbook, code EB-30192-18, 1984