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Background Information

History of Mathematics - (http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/index.html)
The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive at the University of St Andrews is an excellent general resource, particularly for biographies of mathematicians.

Early Computers

Computer 50. - (http://www.computer50.org)
A site dedicated to to 50th anniversary celebrations of the first program run on the Manchester Baby. There is a good account of the history of the Baby and the early Manchester Machines,  together with an account of the project to recreate the SSEM.
D.E.U.C.E - (http://www.users.tpg.com.au/eedeuce/)
John Barret's site dedicated to the English Electric DEUCE computer,  the successor to the ACE.   A lot of information on this important early computer,  including the Logical Design and Programming Manuals.
EDSAC - (http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/UoCCL/misc/EDSAC99/)
The 50th anniversary of EDSAC.   An image of the log entry for 6 May 1949,  a fascinating collection of reminiscences and a photo archive.
ENIAC and early US Army computers. - (http://ftp.arl.army.mil/~mike/comphist/)
A comprehensive archive covering the US Army's earliest computers.   Photographs,  descriptions and documentation.

The PDP-8 Family of computers

Doug Jones' PDP-8 FAQ - (http://www.cs.uiowa.edu/~jones/pdp8/)
The best place to start looking for general background information on the PDP-8 family,  read the FAQ and the Summary of Models and Options.
David Gesswein's site - (http://www.pdp8.net)
A massive amount of well organised,  detailed information


Science Museum, London Picture Library - (http://www.nmsi.ac.uk/piclib/)
Science Museum, London - (http://www.nmsi.ac.uk/)
If you can manage a physical visit,  do.   It is worth it just to see the replica of Babbage's Difference Engine No2.

Collections / virtual museums - Personal

Museum of Hewlett Packard calculators - (http://www.hpmuseum.org)
This is impossible to describe - you MUST look at it.


HTML Tidy Home Page - (http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy)
HTML Tidy is excellent for removing the lumps from home made HTML.

NOTE: Maintenance of HTML Tidy has been taken over by volunteers at Sourceforge Net. http://tidy.sourceforge.net

Finally, very many thanks to ...

... Lisa Baker for pointing out a broken link.

... Sarah from the youth group of the Technology Education Lab, Vermont for this link:-

Computer memory time line - (http://www.zetta.net/history-of-computer-storage/)
A time series illustrating storage devices. This gets closer to the present day than my illustrations.

... the kids of El Paso County Computer Club, Colorado, USA for suggesting the following link on the history of the World Wide Web:-

WWW History - (http://whoishostingthis.com/resources/history-of-web/)
A good summary, AND there is a photograph of a PDP-8; the one with the smoked glass panels.

Zelda, from Lenoir, North Carolina found the following link while working on a school project; thanks Zelda.

History of the punch card - (http://www.vodien.com/singapore-community/education/history-punch-card.php)
There is a good account of the history of the punched card and some useful external links of a more general nature.

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