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DEC Rainbow 100

Rainbow with manuals and software
Rainbow with manuals and software
Inventory No: 0084

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The basic Rainbow had Z80A and 8088 processors, a dual RX50 5¼ inch disk drive (400KB each diskette) and 128K bytes of memory. Additional options were available to expand memory up to 896K bytes, a second dual floppy disk drive, a 5MB hard disk drive (RD50) and graphics/colour options. The basic system unit was 6½ x 19 x 14¼ inches and weighed 30lb.

The preferred operating system was CP/M-86/80 although MS-DOS was also available.

DEC Rainbow - Opened

DEC Rainbow - Opened
DEC Rainbow - Opened

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The system unit with the cover removed. From left to right, the power supply, the 5MB Seagate ST506 hard disk drive and the dual RX50 floppy disk drive. The main system board is at the base of the unit, connected to the controller modules, which are housed in the bronze coloured unit visible at the rear.

In common with other DEC small machines of this period, these are wonderful machines to assemble / disassemble as everything just clips and slides. All units can be swapped very rapidly without tools, it is not even necessary to use a screwdriver.


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