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Texas Instruments TI99/4a

TI99/4a with software cartridges and cassette
TI99/4a with software cartridges and cassette
Inventory No: 0178

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The Texas Instruments TI99 is an example of an early 16-bit micro computer but arrived on the scene rather too late to make much of an impact. It made up for its lack of hard disk by using cartridge (ROM) based software. The cartridges plugged into a slot to the right of the keyboard.

Honeywell Bull MTS7500

Honeywell Bull programmable terminal
Honeywell Bull programmable terminal
Inventory No: 0017

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An early example of a programmable terminal. This one was used in a library for preparing bibliography listings. These were stored on cassette tape and were later transferred to a remote computer in batches. The cassette system was not a converted audio system as used by many small computers, but ran under full program control and could search and index the tape at high (comparatively) speed.

This machine has developed what can only be described as 'Screen Blight' in storage. A number of greyish spots have developed on the screen and are slowly increasing both in number and size. These spots are developing within the thickness of the glass.

For a closer view see: Close up of screen blight. (35597 bytes)


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