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- (6) -

6502 microprocessor
More about 65xx series processors

- (A) -

abacus tables and slide rules
addo-x 356 electric calculator
aim65 - the rockwell advanced interactive microcomputer
aim65 main circuit board.
howard aiken - the automatic sequence controlled calculator (harvard mk i)
anita 1000
apricot portable
apricot portable in its case
More about ascii parity & teletypes
More about atanasoff berry computer

- (B) -

charles babbage (1791-1871)
More about babbage's difference engine - what was it supposed to do?
charles babbage - the analytical engine
charles babbage - the difference engine
charles babbage's legacy
charles babbage and table making
the manchester baby
george boole (1816-1864)
henry briggs (1561-1630) - logarithms.
brunsviga 13rm
brunsviga 18
brunsviga 18 opened
brunsviga 20
burroughs b21
More about busicom and intel
busicom hl-21

- (C) -

casio al-1000 programmable calculator
de colmar's arithmometer - the first success
commodore 3022 printer
commodore 3022 printer opened.
commodore cbm3032 - opened
commodore cbm 3032
commodore cbm 3040 dual disk drive 3040
commodore pet 2001
commodore pet 2001 advertising literature.
commodore pet 2001 opened
compucorp 327
compucorp advertising literature.
curta with its case
More about curve fitting and table calculations

- (D) -

More about dec logic modules - their types functions and prices
More about decmate ii hardware software and documentation
decmate ii
decmate iii
decmate iii - the main circuit board.
decmate iii cable restraint
decmate iii carrying handle
decmate iii plus
decmate iii plus opened
decmate ii software.
dec df32 disk file
dec df32 disk file - recording heads exposed
dec rainbow - opened
dec rainbow 100
dec rk05 disk drive (head)
dec rk05 disk drive - opened
dec rx02 - 8 inch dual disk drive
dec rx02 opened
disk drives - old and new compared.

- (E) -

eniac - electronic numerical integrator and computer

- (F) -

facit lx
floppy drives - comparison
friden cw

- (H) -

hand-held calculators
head assembly of an at drive.
head assembly of st412 drive.
herman hollerith, punched cards and ibm
honeywell bull mts7500

- (I) -

ibm 7552 industrial computer - model 140
ibm 7552 industrial computer isa adaptor
ibm pc 5150
ibm pc 5150 circuit board
ibm pc xt 5160 circuit board
ibm personal system/2 - opened
ibm personal system/2 model 80
ime-86 - hermes typewriter restoration project.
ime-86 - rack mounted program units.
ime-86 digicorder program unit & punched card
ime-86 hermes typewriter (detail).
ime-86 output control digicorder program unit and multistorage
ime-86 programmable calculator
a basic introduction

- (L) -

gottfried wilhelm leibnitz's stepped reckoner
More about logarithm tables and how they are used

- (M) -

More about manchester baby replica
More about marchant calculator - how to multiply and divide
marchant xl
marchant xl opened.
mechanical calculators - introduction
More about memory

- (N) -

john napier (1550-1617) - logarithms.
More about napier's bones - what were they & how were they used?
More about napier's original logarithms
john von neumann, e.d.v.a.c & the moore school lectures

- (O) -

olivetti programma 101
olivetti programma 101 - delay line memory.
olivetti programma 101 - opened
olivetti suma prima20

- (P) -

paper tape cards and accessories
blaise pascal's pascaline
what is a pdp?
More about pdp-11 models
More about pdp-11 q-bus and lsi-11
More about pdp-11 q-bus backplane
pdp-11/03 - backplane and card-frame.
pdp-11/03 - modules and the backplane.
pdp-11/03 - power supply
pdp-11/03 - q-bus backplane.
pdp-11/03 - q-bus backplane connection details.
pdp-11/23 - front cover removed
pdp-11/23 - opened
pdp-11/23 - removed from its mounting case
introduction to the pdp-11
More about pdp-8 computer. how does it differ from a pc?
More about pdp-8 modules busses and backplanes
pdp-8/a 400 computer.
pdp-8/a 400 inside the case.
pdp-8/a 400 the backplane.
pdp-8/a 400 the backplane wiring.
pdp-8/a 620 computer.
pdp-8/a 620 inside the case.
pdp-8/a 620 the backplane.
pdp-8/a 620 the rear of the cabinet.
pdp-8/a introduction.
pdp-8/e computer.
pdp-8/e core memory (4k words).
pdp-8/e processor - memory and omnibus backplane
pdp-8/f - power supply, memory and omnibus.
pdp-8/f computer.
pdp-8 circuit modules - r210 accumulator.
pdp-8 circuit modules - s111
pdp-8 family circuit boards.
pdp-8 family introduction
pdp-8 flip-chip modules.
pdp-8 processor backplane.
pdp-8 processor backplane - detail
pdp-8 the computer.
pdp-8 the memory side
pdp-8 the memory side - detail
pdp-8 the processor side
phillips p252 electronic printing calculator
More about pinwheel calculators - how did they work?

- (S) -

wilhelm schickard's calculating clock
claude shannon
sharp mz80 k
sinclair zx81
processor technology sol-20
processor technology sol-20 s100 bus
superbrain opened

- (T) -

teletype kode asr33
teletype kode asr33 - opened
teletype kode asr33 opened - detail
texas instruments ti99/4a
Revised: 01-APR-2006

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